The BioC-TAE technology represents a groundbreaking leap in environmental technology, skillfully addressing some of the most challenging pollution issues. 

Engineered to process and purify heavily contaminated materials such as hazardous sludge, PFAS, contaminated soil, and radioactive pollution.

BioC-Humic Substances: The Nexus of Soil Science Innovation

In environments where soils bear the brunt of diverse pollutants, leveraging BioC-HS facilitates both detoxification and restoration. Beyond immediate remediation, BioC-HS acts as a catalyst for organo-mineral complex formation, solidifying its role in carbon sequestration initiatives, thereby helping to reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

BioC-HS stands as a paragon of sophisticated bioengineering processes. This meticulously “Synthesized Humic Substances” encompasses multifaceted physicochemical attributes advantageous to soil.

BioC-TAE Converts 100% of Waste, Returns Organic Matter into Natural Biological Cycle, Prevents Further Spread of Contamination and Greenhouse Effect