Our Mission

Biocorrection is a company with its base in 

Copenhagen, Denmark & Chicago, USA.
We are a multidisciplinary team of 

process engineers, biologists, chemists, soil scientists.

BioCorrection focuses on handling hazardous waste from industries, contaminated sites, and public facilities.

Specializing in the treatment of toxic organic waste, PFAS, and heavy metals, our innovative approach effectively manages these challenging contaminants.


Through our BioC-TAE technology, we transform hazardous materials into safer, non-toxic elements, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.


Our solutions cater to the specific needs of diverse industries and public sectors, ensuring the safe and efficient handling of hazardous waste.

Our Technology

BioC-TAE is a testament to the advancements in scientific engineering, with its roots deeply embedded in well-established scientific principles. It has been applied with marked success, particularly in the medical realm. 


One of its most notable achievements is the production of pharmaceutical-grade polyphenols, which are essential compounds used in medicine.



The essence of BioC-TAE lies in a unique approach to decomposition of hazardous biosolids. This flameless, thermal, technique was specifically designed to deconstruct tough lignin structures, transforming them into reactive compounds enriched with oxygen-bearing functional groups. 



BioCorrection’s BioC-TAE technology represents a conservative yet effective approach to hazardous waste management. This system is tailored to address toxic organic pollutants, heavy metals, and other challenging contaminants. By transforming hazardous substances into non-toxic elements, BioC-TAE significantly reduces environmental risks. Its ability to process a wide spectrum of pollutants and produce useful byproducts like BioC-Humic Substances highlights its practical utility in the waste management industry. Developed through meticulous testing, BioC-TAE aligns with the growing demand for reliable and sustainable waste treatment solutions in today’s market.