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BioCorrection manufactures a number of specialized products for the agricultural sector.  All of these products are based on humic substances.

BioCorrection’s humic substance products are not in themselves fertilizers, but bio-catalyst and bio-stimulating products that ensure an enhanced absorption/digestion of nutrients in plants and crops.

The products also have a very positive influence on soil quality thanks to the high contents of bioactive substances.


At the same time the products ensure a binding and deposit of nutrients such as nitrogen, metals etc. which results in a considerable reduction of percolation of damaging products.


Humic substances may be used both for soil and leaf fertilization.  Foliar fertilization in itself has shown very positive results.


In addition to the increase in yields it should be noted that there are quality advantages because humic substances also increase the contents of proteins, vitamins and minerals in the crops, vegetables, fruit etc.  For example, in the case of potatoes the controlled absorption of nitrogen results in increased shelf life and a reduction of illnesses.

The use of BioCorrection’s humic substances also results in a reduced need for commercial fertilizers.  It is possible to add additional micro organisms to the product depending on soil condition and the type of crop.  In this way the product approaches a full-fertilizers type.


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